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Sweet Cured Bacon (Bacon #6)

Sweet Cured Bacon (Bacon #6) method and ingedients

I guess this was inspired by Canadian Maple Bacon, but modified as we had some discounted Honey.


1 Kg of Pork Loin, with most of the the fat and rind removed
30g of Salt *2
2g of Saltpetre *2
3 Tbsp of runny Honey


This is a two stage cure over 14 days. Initially I immersion cured it and then for the remain 7 days I dry cured it.

(1) In a clip top box add the first batch of Salt and Saltpetre to enough cold Water to cover the meat.
(2) Every couple of days give the box a bit of a shake to make sure the meat is in contact with the brine evenly.
(3) On the 7th day drain the cure solution.
(4) mix the second batch of Salt and Saltpetre into the Honey to form a paste.
(5) Rub this evenly over the Pork. It’s a bit of a sticky messy gig!
(6) Return the meat to it’s box. You shouldn’t find much moisture extraction with this method and your Bacon should be very moist when slicing.
(7) Your Bacon will be ready from the 14th day, but will reach a point of stasis so it can be kept for months. (Apparently, but untested in our flat!)

We can’t comment on the flavour yet, it’ll be making an appearance in our dinner tonight. However it sliced well and is very moist.


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