Having spent nearly 10 months either in a hostel or in a tent we are probably better equipped than the TV chefs to offer you our low cost recipes. We've been there and done it, as it were! These recipes initially only required a (camp) stove, a couple of pans, a frying pan, maybe an oven and a limited number of ingredients. As we're slowly worked our way out of the bad situation we found ourselves in we've added both gadgets and ingredients to our kitchen arsenel.
We worked on and still are working on a budget of £4 to feed 2 people Smooh the Cat and sometimes scraps for the urban Foxes!
We hope you find these recipes fun, interesting, tasty and useful. They are all also Gluten Free as Sue has Coeliac Disease but normal pasta etc. will cost you less.
Feel free to use them, share them, print them, most or all enjoy them.
We hope they will be of assistance to those on Universal Credit, our Homeless friends, Students, those on a limited income or anybody looking for a little inspiration.