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“H” in our Vegetarian Alphabet was Halloumi. Traditionally Halloumi is made with a mixture of Goat’s and Sheep’s milk. We’ve only a small balcony and the Council would probably not be happy about us grazing a mixed flock on the communal lawns. So Full fat Cows milk did the job.

This was certainly a “Lock Down” time filling gig and realistically it’s probably not worth doing at home normally for the return weight for weight. But we love a challenge. The process is to heat 4l of milk to exactly 32c add Rennet, hold over a water bath at exactly 32c for 45 minutes. Cut the curds, salt and then dehydrate in the fridge overnight. Sounds easy? It took us 4 hours to get to the fridge stage!

But it worked and did taste like the real thing. We grilled some, made crispy Halloumi balls out of the bits we’d broken by being a bit heavy handed and also made roasted Rosecoco Bean and Carrot fritters. A few other bits and bobs and we had a very tasty Buffet style dinner.


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Why is cooking from scratch better? Our opinion. Eat well on universal credit

Now this how you do Food Journalism! Article from The Guardian (Opens in a new Tab)

This is a beautifully written article and it highlights many issues.

However I’d like to add to it a bit if I / We may?

If you can’t be bothered reading - “Cook From Scratch”……..

Why do we cook everything from scratch? There are various reasons:-

(1) Cost. Generally I buy the most costly ingredient first, usually the Meat or Fish (Protein Component). We then assess what ingredients we have available and the sort of dish we intend to create. I then nip off and get whatever additional items we need. This might seem like a very time intensive way to deal with cooking / shopping? Well it is probably inefficient, but we have a number of supermarkets and independent shops within walking distance, for which we are grateful.

(2) Ingredient Control. Sue has Celiac Disease and over the last year or so has developed a Lactose Intolerance. They unfortunately often go hand-in-hand. So anything with the slightest trace of Wheat is banished from the flat. Dairy can be mitigated by Sue taking a Lactase Enzyme tablet or two before eating anything which contains Lactose. But really, it’s much easier to just not eat something which you know is going to make you ill.

(3) Quality of Ingredients. Processed food in a plastic tub, frozen, with a film which you prick….. Come on guys “Food Warehouse” are not exactly marketing their food as healthy, now are they? There are frozen meal businesses which offer high quality food, but it’s generally out of our budget.

(4) Enjoyment. We actually enjoy cooking together. Sue can’t get out of the flat without assistance, however as a couple of foodie with histories including cheffing and butchery it’s no great surprise that we enjoy the process of cooking a good meal on a budget together.

(5) Personal Engagement. When I have gathered the ingredients for a meal and we have created a recipe and cooked it, it’s often fun for us to natter about how it tasted, what we could do next time to improve it etc.

You don’t get any of the above when you microwave frozen ‘stuff’ after bursting the film with a fork.


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