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Roast Pork Ribs, Celeriac Coleslaw & Chips

Roast Pork Ribs, Celeriac Coleslaw & Chips

Yellow Sticker gig again, the ribs were a little over £2. Sometimes there is more bone than meat, but these were pretty meaty.

Celeriac was out “Universal Soldier this time last year but this year they have been quite small and pricey, until now. The one we have in the fridge is a good sized creature and cost the princely sum of 60p. We like a home made Coleslaw as it’s a tasty and low cost plate filler.

The Coleslaw is really simple:-


1 medium Onion
1 Carrot, pealed
A slice of Celeriac pealed
Smashed up Black Lime


(1) Cut all the vegetables into very thin strips.
(2) Mix everything in sufficient Mayonnaise to coat.
(3) Sprinkle with smashed Black Lime and freshly ground Black Pepper.

If you don’t have Black Lime (most folk really I guess?!) A squeeze of Lemon juice will do the trick.