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Fusion Squid

Fusion Squid recipe

There was a 3 for 1 offer on seafood at the local supermarket a while ago. The baby Squid were part of my haul. So a very ‘Made Up’ stuffed Squid gig was created!


Stuffed Squid

The juice of a Lemon
1 Onion, finely chopped
Chorizo, finely chopped
Garlic Salt
Oil to fry
Olive Oil


(1) Boil a small amount of Rice sufficient to make the major part of your stuffing. Drain and set aside to cool.
(2) Gently fry the Onion and Chorizo and add the Garlic Salt.
(3) Add mix all the ingredients except the Turmeric and Olive Oil in a bowl to create your stuffing.
(4) Stuff the Squid Bodies and use a Cocktail stick the close the open end.
(5) Mix the Turmeric and Olive Oil and brush over the outsides.
(6) Place under the grill and grill on both sides until the Squid is just cooked.


Battered Squid Heads!:-

Gram Flour
Salt & Pepper
1 Egg, beaten
Chilli Flakes


(1) Mix the ingredients with enough water to make a stiff batter.
(2) Coat each head and deep fry until they pop up in the oil.
(3) Remove and drain on kitchen paper.

Sue made a stir-fry with Bok Choy, Red Peppers and Spring Onions. With a Tomato based sauce to drizzle and served over Rice Noodles this was a really tasty dinner. OK not everybody would want the deep fry heads staring at them, but we’re not squeamish like that!


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