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50 Great Recipes for £4 or less – Eat Well on Universal Credit.

Our first Ebook consists of 50 recipes and is a 'not for profit' venture to assist charities and causes who helped us and continue to help the Homeless and those in need.

Meals on a very restricted budget don't need to be boring.

“In January 2018 we found ourselves in a Homeless Hostel and some six months later had to resort to living in a tent in order to save our much loved dog Buster from any further separation. On a budget of £4 a day to feed ourselves and Buster via Universal Credit, we spent much of our time sourcing ingredients and fresh water just to survive. Probably to keep ourselves sane we kept a record of our recipes. Many of the recipes in the book were created and cooked beside our tent on a single burner camp stove. We were fortunate to be helped by several charities and now have a flat in York. The remainder of these recipes have been created and cooked here on the same very limited budget.”

This is our way of giving something back to the charities who helped us and are continuing to help the homeless and those in need. We hope you find them inspiring and more to the point tasty and frugal.

The Ebook costs £4 with all proceeds going directly to your chosen charity or cause.

To receive your copy please complete the details below. We will send you a PayPal request and also our BACS details. (By paying by BACS it cuts out the PayPal charges). Once we receive your payment we will email you a download link. We could automate this system but there are costs involved in automatic payment processing, again we want as much of the proceeds to get to the causes as is humanly possible.

Please note that all our recipes are (or can be made) Gluten Free.

Our Website is compliant with GDPR 2018 and your details will only ever be used to contact you about this Ebook unless you indicate that you would like to receive occasional updates.

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Eat Well on UC is a Not For Profit venture. Donated funds are only used to support Charities and group who assist the Homeless and those in need.