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Esther McVey Resigns - Eat well on Universal Credit“Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey has become the latest cabinet minister to quit the government over Brexit in a fresh blow to Theresa May's authority. (Brixit are you sure?)
The Brexiteer said the prime minister's draft Brexit deal "does not honour the result of the referendum'' and she "Could not look [her] constituents in the eye" over the plans.”
I venture that this is Political spin from a Politician who has wholeheartedly supported Universal Credit, all it stands for and the hardship and deaths it has caused. Honesty is obviously not their thing, they are after all highly paid professional liars. But I think a more honest statement might have read:-
{ This is clearly intended as SATIRE – AJC }
“ Whilst I have luxuriated in the fiscal benefits of my promotion to Work and Pensions Secretary it was never realistically possible to starve those who earn less than I do to death. Even some of my party piers might have children in public schools who's earning from their trust funds are below my highly subjective £80K PA ETL (Entitlement To Live) threshold. Although I have no conscience as such I fear, I might not be able to enjoy the standard of living to which I have become to accustomed if I were to execute or starve their offspring. People seem to be sentimental about other humans. Again I can't really understand this but one of my advisors suggested it to be the case. Therefore I have chosen to leave my post voluntarily in the hope that Our Leader Mrs May can find me another Cabinet post which will be relatively revolution proof “ 

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