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Sweet Potato Tagliatelle Bolognaise

Bolognaise is a staple here but traditional Wheat based Pasta is off the menu as Sue has a very damaging reaction to the Gluten. So we’re always on the look out for interesting alternatives. We’ve tried and enjoyed Rice Tagliatelle which is great, but it really only want immersing in boiling water. It very quickly looses starch and congeals if you’re not careful.

So what is that strange looking grey / green stuff you may be wondering? It’s Sweet Potato starch Tagliatelle. I spotted this in a Chinese supermarket in Manchester when I was working there a couple of weeks ago. The name is perhaps a bit deceptive. Although it is made from the starch of Sweet Potatoes, it’s actually not at all sweet. It has the texture of traditional pasta and is boiled for 6 to 7 minutes without the risk of sticking together. Despite the odd colour it was very tasty.

Our general Bolognaise recipe is here


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