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Intercontinental (Con)Fusion!

We had some Pork ribs in the fridge at £2.38 yesterday. By chance I was working at the Railway Station end of town which is where there are two large Asian supermarkets. A bit of a forage on the various shelves resulted in a pack of Papadums (Technically Indian?), A Mooli (Japanese by origin?), Fresh Red Chillies (Mexican?) and a pack of Rice Noodles (Chinese?).

So this is the monster we created!

I’ll not try to give a recipe as we just cobbled it together as we you do….

I roasted the ribs with home pickled Garlic, Chilli flakes and a little Oil. Deep fried some Kale leaves and salted them to make our version of crispy Seaweed. Then fried and drained some of the Papadums.

In the meantime Sue made a hot Tomato based sauce, similar to the base for a Chilli. She fried sliced Onion, Garlic and grated Mooli , seasoned with Salt & Pepper. Then added a tin of Tomatoes and a good squeeze of Tomato Puree, Chilli flakes, sliced Red Chillies, sliced Mushrooms, Onion Salt and Garlic Salt. Once everything was cooked and concentrate Sue added sliced Mooli and mixed it in to add a bit of bite.

We then boiled some Rice Noodles and put everything together and a monster mountain of very tasty food was born.

Dressed with Sliced raw Mooli, Sliced fresh Chilli, sliced Spring Onions and a bit of home brewed Kimchi this concoction was totally authentic to nowhere on the planet…...

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