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Urad Dal 'Ana la 'Aerif

I don’t speak Arabic, so this is our Pigeon Arabic title. Something like “ Split Black Lentil who-knows-what! “ It can easily be made Vegetarian, if you leave off the Cheese and boiled Egg Vegan too.


Urad Dal (100g per person)
Garlic infused Stock (We had this loitering in the fried door, but a Veggie stock cube and some Garlic Powder would have worked equally well)
1 large Onion, Chopped
Cumin Seeds
Mustard powder
Dried Coriander
Dried Basil
Chilli Flakes
A Carrot, batoned
Peas (Frozen are cool!)
2 large Mushrooms, sliced
Pickles Chilli Cauliflower ( Our own Lacto ferment - But shop bought pickled Cauliflower is fine )
Pickled Red Cabbage ( Again this was our own Lacto ferment - Shop bought is fine )
Oil to fry
Salt & Pepper

Optional Extras:-

2 Boiled Eggs, sliced
Crumbled Blue Cheese


(1) Add the Urad Dal to a large pan and add 1l of Garlic infused Stock.
(2) Bring to the boil and then reduce the heat and allow to simmer for ¾ of an hour.
(3) Check regularly and add more water when required. The Split Lentils are thirsty little creatures.
(4) Once the Urad Dal has swollen and softened drain and set aside.
(5) In a large frying pan fry the Onions gently until translecent.
(6) Add and fry the Carrots.
(7) Add the Mushrooms last and gently fry.
(8) stir in the Urad Dal and other ingredients excluding the Cheese and Egg.
(9) Plate and dress with the crumbled Cheese and Egg if you are using them.

We have really taken to Urad Dal. It has a very heart texture, is very cheap and takes on flavours really well.


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