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Turkey Thigh dinner in a giant Gluten free Yorkshire Pudding

We like a Turkey Thigh and Drummer when they are available. This was the 3rd meal from it and we’re having a Curry with the rest tonight. Not bad for £4.65 for 2 humans and Tigger the Cat. I “Tunnel Boned” the Thigh so we could just cook the meat on a bed of fresh Rosemary with Salt, Pepper and a sprinkling of herbs and Oil over the top.

We’ve slightly modified the Yorkshire Pudding recipe as there is lots of fresh Sage and Rosemary available locally:-


100g Cornflour
150ml Milk
3 eggs
Salt & fresh ground Black Pepper
1 sprig of fresh Rosemary, finely chopped
3 spring of fresh Sage, Finely chopped


(1) Heat your oiled Yorkshire Pudding tray in the oven at 220c until the oil is smoking.
(2) Whisk all the ingredients vigorously.
(3) Pour into the tray and return to the oven very quickly.
(4) Cook at 220c for 10 minutes the reduce the temperature to 180c.
(5) Cook for a further 25 minutes.
(6) Remove and either allow to cool or serve immediately. Your Yorkshire Puddings will stand reheating if required.

The other vegetables excluding the Broccoli had been blanched and frozen earlier in the month, for “A Rainy Day”. We really are running close to the bone for the next few days. But that doesn’t mean we have to eat rubbish food!

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