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Nori Rolls

It’s a while since we did one of our Vegetarian Alphabet recipes. We were up to “N” so we thought we’d have a play with Nori Rolls. We’ve not got the Japanese presentation skills, but these were really tasty.


Nori Sheets
Rice Noodles
Hot Chilli Sauce
Soy Sauce
4 Mushrooms, finely sliced
Garlic Powder
Spinach , blanched for 30 seconds
1 Carrot, finely sliced
½ Red Pepper, finely sliced
2 Shallots, finely sliced
Sticky Rice
White Wine Vinegar
Dried Coriander


(1) Stir fry the Shallots, Mushrooms, Peppers and Garlic Powder in a little Oil, Margarine & Soy Sauce – Until softened.
(2) Boil the rice until it is cooked and has released it’s starch – Set aside to cool and drain.
(3) Stir a little Vinegar, a pinch of Sugar and Coriander into the Rice.
(4) Blanch the Spinach leaves for 30 seconds and lay on kitchen roll.
(5) Slightly heat the Nori sheets over a flame.
(6) Heat the Hot Sauce in a pan.
(7) Brush each Nori sheet with Hot Sauce.
(8) Form a layer over ¾ of each Nori sheet with the Spinach leaves.
(9) Form a thin Sausage shape of Rice and lay in the middle of each Nori sheet.
(10) Add a layer of the softened Vegetables.
(11)  Roll each Nori sheet and stick the overlap with the Hot Sauce.

We boiled the Noodles with the remaining Vegetable filling and a little of the Hot Sauce to make a bed.

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