Turkey Bites

We finally had Sue’s family and grand children round on Friday and she got to meet her youngest grand son. We made a buffet for everybody as we had children, Vegetarians and Gluten allergy to cater for.

These were our take on Turkey Twizzers crossed with Chicken Nuggets. Intended for the younger folk we didn’t highly season them, but they went down really well all round.


Turkey Thigh meat, cut into strips
3 Eggs, beaten for an Egg wash
Plain Flour, Gluten free in our case
Salt & Pepper

Ex Butchers Note:- If you are working on a budget you can get a Turkey Thigh and Drummer for less than £5. Skin the Thigh and cut steaks at right angles to the bone. These can then be cut into strips and will be tender as you’ve cut through the long grain of the muscle.


(1) Mix the Flour, Salt, Pepper and Turmeric to make your seasoned flour. The Termeric is just to give a bit of colour to the fried coating.
(2) Pre heat your fryer to 170c.
(3) Dredge the meat in batches in the seasoned flour.
(4) Dip in the Egg wash and then dredge in flour again.
(5) Fry in batches until they float and are golden brown.
(6) Drain on kitchen paper.
(7) Serve warm as part of a buffet or with chips etc. for a quick easy tea.

These remain crispy once they have cooled and are still good for a cold buffet to dip in sauces.