Fish ā€˜Nā€™ Chips

Back to a bit of a classic really. We don’t often have flaky Fish, in fact I think this is the first time in over four years. But we were kindly given some Cod and decided to do Cod, Chips Peas and DIY Tartar (Style) Sauce.

The Batter for the Fish was a variant of the Soda Water Tempura we’ve been tinkering with recently:-


Soda Water
Self Raising Flour (Gluten free for us)
Salt & Pepper
Ground Turmeric

The Turmeric doesn’t add a great deal to the taste, but it does give an appealing golden brown colour to the batter once it has been fried.

Sue’s Take on Tartar Sauce might not be traditional as such, but it really worked and we had the ingredients in the cupboard.


Whole grain Mustard
Gherkins, very finely chopped
Capers, finely sliced
Lemon Juice
Fresh ground Black Pepper


(1) Mix it up.
(2) Dip things in it….

Quick, easy and very tasty. There’s not even a lot of washing up to deal with – Bonus!