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Seriously silly Burger

Both Sue and I have done a stint at McBurger King in the past. They don’t do burgers like this!

When I was scouting the yellow sticker fridge a couple of evening ago I came home with Blue Cheese and Beef mince. We already had a small Gluten free Sour-dough loaf and salad which were free as they were well past their ‘End of Live’ date and were heading for composting.

All the ingredients for a ‘Lock-Down’ burger to both entertain us playing in the kitchen together and provide a cracking meal. Well actually two meals as we’ll be eating the remaining half today!

There’s not a lot of point typing up a recipe for this creation as it’s unlikely we’ll ever perfectly replicate it. But the unusual ingredient was the Blue Cheese and Mushroom sauce Sue created. Ousing Cheesy mushroomy goodness!

Perhaps not a burger to try to eat with dignity in public – But there’s only us and the cat here to see our greasy chops!

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