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Lacto Fermented Red Cabbage

I do seem to have an issue with buying too much Red Cabbage. We use it to add colour to all sorts of dishes – Fried, Boiled, Coleslaw etc.  But this one was well and truly dead in the bottom of the fridge. But that’s actually a good thing for Lacto-Fermenting. Interestingly the red pigments in Red Cabbage are PH sensitive, so I’ll be able to see how the pickling process is progressing by the colour change. Cool !


1l and hot water.
4 Heaped table spoons on Salt ( I used ground pink Himalayan Salt as it doesn’t have anti-caking agents in it.) You are looking for a 2 to 3% brine solution.
Chopped Red Cabbage.


(1) Make you brine by dissolving the Salt in hot water.
(2) Allow the brine to cool to room temperature.
(3) Force as much chopped Red Cabbage as you can make fit into a clip to jar.
(4) Us a ramekin to make sure the Cabbage is fully immersed.
(5) Pop in the cupboard and forget about it for 3 weeks or more.

Once the Lacto-Fermentation is complete these pickles will live quietly in your cupboard for months, if not years. But that unlikely here!

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