Sometimes it’s the ingredients which make the dish. But sometimes it’s actually the dish itself which makes the difference! We certainly wouldn’t willingly eat Fray Bentos pies but the tins are outstanding for Yorkshire Puddings!

This was Cajun and Lemon stuffed Chicken dinner with Gluten free Yorkshire Puddings, Gluten free Stuffing Balls, Pigs in Blankets, Roast Spuds & Parsnips, Carrots and Greens.

Gluten free Yorkshire Puddings:-


100g Cornflour
150ml Milk
3 eggs
Salt & fresh ground Black Pepper


(1) Heat your oiled Yorkshire Pudding tray in the oven at 220c until the oil is smoking.
(2) Whisk all the ingredients vigorously.
(3) Pour into the tray and return to the oven very quickly.
(4) Cook at 220c for 10 minutes the reduce the temperature to 180c.
(5) Cook for a further 25 minutes.
(6) Remove and either allow to cool or serve immediately. Your Yorkshire Puddings will stand reheating if required.

Gluten free Stuffing Balls:-

Stuffing Ingredients:-

Onions, roughly chopped
Fresh Sage, chopped
Gluten free Bread crumbs
1 Egg, beaten

Super Sunday Roast
(1) Lightly fry the Onions until they are translucent and set aside to cool.
(2) When cool enough to handle mix all the ingredients and form into balls.
(3) When your roast is 20 minutes from being ready pop the Stuffing Balls in the oven on a tray.

As usual our eyes were bigger than our belly and we're eating left-overs for breakfast!