‘Chinese’ Burger!

We had a DIY Sweet & Sour the other evening. In, what is tradition here, we popped the remaining Sweet & Sour in a jar in the fridge. Nothing intentionally goes to taste here. So after what seemed like a long day of decorating Sue created this monster.

There’s really not a lot of point in typing up a recipe for this. But basically the DIY Thousand Island dressing which Sue usually puts on the buns was replaced with Sweet & Sour sauce. The hand pressed Burgers had an addition of Chinese Five Spice and were topped with Bacon, Chorizo and melted Cheese!

Sounds odd – Tasted superb!

The recipe for the Gluten free bread buns is here if anybody needs it:-


240g Self Raising GF flour
½ tsp Salt
240ml Milk
4 tbsp Mayonnaise


(1) Mix
(2) Add to bun tins (Recycled Fray Bentos tins are cool!)
(3) Cook in a pre heated oven at 180C for 25 to 30 minutes