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Italian style Meatballs

Italian style Meatballs recipe

We had some filling left in the freezer from our Pastrogi experiment. So last nights feast consisted of Dill infused Meatballs stuffed with Blue Shropshire Cheese, tomato based Italian style sauce, on a bed of Gluten free pasta.

Oh and as we had Luxury Cheese for £0.64 from the discount fridge Sue grated some over the top and melted it as well….

The Meat ball ingredients are here - Ingredients

The Tomato sauce is pretty much Bolognaise sauce without the mince - Ingredients

Very tasty it was too…...


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Chinese style Turkey Balls recipe, eat well on universal credit

Yes we’ve another round of cooked Turkey to deal with. We all know that recooking Turkey creates a very distinctive and , to us, unpleasant flavour. I think we fixed this!

Marinate Ingredients:-

Soy Sauce (Gluten free for us)
Oyster Sauce
Tonkatsu Sauce (Gluten free for us)
Chilli Flakes

Batter Ingredients:-

2 Eggs
Soda Water
Gram Flour
1 Tsp of Turmeric
1 Tbsp of Baking Powder


(1) Cut the cooked Turkey into Inch (2.2Cm) cubes. Not much smaller as you don’t want the meat to be tough or dry.
(2) Mix the marinade ingredients and add your Turkey cubes. We cut 10 cubes, so 5 each to serve.
(3) Pop in the fridge while you make the batter.
(4) Beat the Eggs.
(5) Add a little Soda Water.
(6) Whisk in the Baking Powder.
(7) Whisk in a 50/50 mix of Gram Flour & Cornflour in stages.
(8) You are looking for a very sticky batter. Add Soda Water as required.
(9) Allow to rest for 20 minutes and remove the Turkey from the fridge.
(10) Heat oil to 170c.
(11) After whisking the batter dunk the coated the Turkey in the Batter and fry until they float. Remove and drain.
(12) When your stir-fry in ready to serve, drop back into the oil to brown.
(13) Drain and serve.

We served ours over a bed of Rice Noddles with a simple Stir-Fry over the top.


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