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Breaded Fish Chip & Peas

Breaded Fish Chip & Peas

We had some Cod fillets a few days ago and decided do something a bit special for us. Breaded Fish is a given for most folk, but for Sue it’s a ‘Forbidden fruit’. The bread coating is clearly loaded with Gluten and would make her very ill. So we made our own version with a DIY ‘Tartar’ sauce to boot!


2 Eggs, beaten
4 slices of Gluten free Bread, wuzzed in the food processor
Gluten free flour
Salt and Petter


(1) Season the Bread crumbs with Salt and Pepper and mix well.
(2) Dunk the fish in the Egg wash.
(3) Dredge in Flour.
(4) Re-coat with Egg wash.
(5) Dredge in the Bread crumbs to coat evenly.
(6) Place on a foiled tray in the Oven at 180c and cook until the coating is golden brown.

‘Tartat’ style Sauce.


Gherkins, finely chopped
Capers, halved
A squeeze of Lemon juice


(1) Mix in a bowl and transfer to a ramekin. Simple as that!

We dressed the Fish with sliced Spring Onions, Parsley from the planter and a slice on Lemon. Served with hand cut chips and peas this was a bit of a ‘Pub Classic’ treat!

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Air Fryer Golonka recipe, eat well on universal credit

I have a confession to make. When I got the initial Ham Hock we looked at it and thought there didn’t seem it be much meal on it. I bought another. Eyes bigger than belly! We’ve enough Cooked Ham left for another meal tonight……


A Ham Hock for two. Or one each if you are ravenous!

Glaze ingredients:-

Mango Wine
Chilli Jam
Sliced Green Chillies


(1) In a pan of water boil the Hock for 20 to 30 minutes. This partially cooks the meal and also removes some of the Salt.
(2) Drain and allow to cool.
(3) Pat dry with kitchen paper.
(4) In a pan bring the Glaze ingredients it a low simmer.
(5) Pre-heat the Air Fryer to 160c.
(6) Baste the Hock with half of the Glaze and pop in the Air Fryer for 25 minutes.
(7) Remove and pour the remaining Glaze over the Hock and return to the Air Fryer for a further 20 minutes.

This is really not traditional as such, but recipe mangling is fun! Sorry to our Polish friends for tinkering with your recipe, but it was good!!!



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