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Swede Bhaji?

Swede Bhaji recipe

I’ve always had a bit of a negative impression of Swede personally. It’s OK mashed with Carrots or just boiled as a vegetable. But it's not an a veg I have personally really considered to be very versatile. That's probably just me. So I wondered what else can you use Swede for?

Our Gram Flour Bhaji mix has had all sorts of strange additions, Beetroot and Onion worked well for example. But what about a Swede Bhaji, would that work?

Well generally it did. There was one interesting oddity though. I added two table spoons of Polenta to the basic Bhaji mix ( Which is here ) with the intention of adding a bit of bite as I expected the Swede to soften when it was fried. The Polenta reacted with the protein in the Gram Flour which resulted in something quite strange…. As the Bhajis cooled they fell apart before our eyes! Hot they were fine and held together well.

So forget the Polenta, but apart from that we can confirm that Swede Bhajis are actually a thing!


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Really? This is a Government Employee?Dear Jody,
                 Firstly I thank you for your reply. Although I found is somewhat difficult to understand. I would expect a reasonably level of literacy from a Government Employee.
Please see below:-
Your message “ Hi Antony,
If they wasn't able to do that for you, you can download it off the website and if you put in the search bar uc50 and its the top one that you can download and complete. 
Kind Regards Jody “
I would prefer this to have been phrased:-
“ Hi Antony,
If our department or our sub-contractors were unable to assist you with this, you can download it from the website. By inserting “uc50” in the search bar you will find the 24 page full colour .pdf file. If you could possibly download and print this we will reimburse you for the cost involved, as this is clearly our mistake.
Kind Regards Jody “
I did not receive your form. Possibly because your system caused us to be homeless and living in a tent for 8 weeks? No postal service etc. I will however complete your form and walk a 3 mile round trip with a heart condition to drop it off at Job Centre Plus York. I'm sure it would be much more convenient for me to die on the way. 
However, with the assistance and in partnership with various charities we visited 10 Downing Street yesterday to deliver a petition against UC. We sincerely hope it forces change and makes your position as an employee more tenable and doesn't lead to the system you have to enforce killing too many more people.
As we only receive £430+ a month and the cartridges for the printer cost us £48 I think it only fair that you reimburse us. I can provide the WH Smiths receipt.

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