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Slow cooked Turkey Leg

Slow cooked Turkey Leg recipeIt's December so we thought a Turkey recipe might be fun. Actually you might be better looking for Turkey Thighs at pretty much any other time of year. But they are available, they just take a bit of finding.
1 large Turkey Thigh
3 tbls Butter / Margarine
1 Red Onion finely chopped
2 cloves of Garlic grated
1 tbls Ginger powder
1 tbls Paprika
1 tbls Mustard Powder
1 tim Chopped Tomatoes
4 tbls Worcestershire Sauce
2 tbls Brown Sugar
2 tbls White Wine Vinegar
Salt & Pepper to season
2 tbls Cornflour
1 tsp chopped Parsley
(1) Pat the Turkey leg dry with kitchen roll and place in a casserole dish.
(2) Make up your Garlic Butter by melting Butter or Margarine in a pan with the grated Garlic and Parsley mix well and allow to cool.
(3) Spread the Garlic Butter over the underside of the Turkey.
(4) Turn over and stead the Mustard over the skin with a little Salt & Pepper.
(5) In a pan add one tin of chopped Tomatoes, 1 tbls of powdered Ginger, 1 tbls of Paprika 4 tbls Worcestershire Sauce and 2 tbls of White Wine Vinegar and simmer.
(6) Add the Onion and Sugar and continue to simmer.
(7) Add the Cornflour to a little water and then mix well with the ingredients in the pan.
(8) Add the content of the pan to the casserole dish but don't pour over the Turkey.
(9) Cook in the oven at 160c for a couple of hours or until the Turkey is very tender.
Serve with vegetables of your choice. We had Swede, Cabbage and Broccoli

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Greenwashing by the Supermarkets

Greenwashing is a phrase I’ve because increasingly aware of in the last month or so. I my mind it is a cynical consequence of the interaction of big business and ecological concerns. I visit various Supermarkets on occasions often to check our prices are competitive. I’ve seen quite a few examples of Greenwashing. This is just one. I’ll not name the Supermarket as that would be underhanded and counterproductive. But they are all in on the act.

Mixed Peppers are a relatively light weight product used frequently in our recipes. They are commercially grown throughout the country with YFS (Yorkshire Farm Salads) near Selby being the nearest grower to my knowledge. In the Supermarket in question a plastic packed selection of three mixed Pepper is £1 while an individual unpacked Pepper taken from the cardboard delivery try is £0.55. So you are paying £0.65 extra for the privileged of not having plastic packaging. I can see no logistics reason why it would be so much more costly for them to handle trays of Pepper without the packaging as opposed to trays which have been packaged. Indeed there must be a cost element in running them through the packing process. So why are they so much more expensive?

I gut instinct is that the additional cost is simply because there is a growing demand for unpackaged goods and the big supermarkets are just cashing in. In my experience the wholesale cost is about 10% higher for the packaged version, so in this case I don’t think I am unnecessarily creating conspiracy theories. I’m not a great fan of the Supermarkets but we all use them on occasions I guess. So perhaps a little consumer pressure may do the trick. I have heard of a lady who unpacks everything she can at the checkout and leaves the plastic for the cashier to deal with. Perhaps a little extreme, but it will certainly slow things down and make a very visible point. I’m not advocating such direct action but I’m pretty sure if public pressure is directed at the Supermarkets this underhanded practise will cease given time.


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