Fish Friday -1, sea bass and razor clams

(OK we actually had this on Thursday, but if you don’t tell anybody we should be fine!)

The foundations of this dish were yellow sticker Sea Bass fillets at £1 each and a yellow sticker tub of sliced sweet Chorizo at £0.20. Great ingredients which in the case of the Sea Bass would generally be beyond ‘Budget’ on their own, deserved a great recipes. We still broke budget by a pound or so, but we’re no going to beat ourselves up about that. A lot of dishes we’ve created recently have been under budget and fed us for two days…..

I wonder how much we would have paid in a fish restaurant for the following:-

Razor Clams with Chorizo, Garlic and Shallots, dressed with fresh home grown Pea micro greens.
Seared Sea Bass in Caper and Lemon Butter sauce, dressed with home grown Parsley.
Mini Hassleback Potatoes dressed with Garlic Butter
Accompanied by Garden Peas

Yes, yes we went a bit restauranty. Sorry, not sorry!