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Bacon & Cheese Yorkshire Pudding Slice

Bacon & Cheese Yorkshire Pudding Slice recipe

We don’t often have snacks as such, but when we do, we do…..


A slice of left over Yorkshire Pudding each (We often have Yorkshire Pudding in the freezer)
Grated Cheese (We had a bit of Extra Mature Cheddar we found in the discounts)
Chilli & Garlic oil (Sue makes her own)
Chilli flakes
Fresh Chives (They are in season at the moment and available in all the communal gardens locally)


(1) Cut the Bacon into strips and fry in a little Chilli & Garlic oil.
(2) Sprinkle the Bacon over the Yorkshire Pudding.
(3) Mix a few Chilli Flakes with the grated Cheese.
(4) Place in the oven, or under the grill until the Cheese begins to melt.
(5) Dress with fresh Chives.


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As a bit of a joke I posted “ Your turn to make proper Bubble & Squeak Sue” on Facebook. Never challenge the Chef! Off she toddled to the freezer to rummage through the boxes of bits and bobs we keep from previous meals and came up with this All Day Breakfast gig.

Bubble & Squeak Challenge

Garlic Button Mushrooms
Bubble & Squeak
Crispy grilled Bacon
Fried Egg
Baked Beans

Not surprisingly for us Chilli had found it’s way into some of the left over veg at some stage – which was actually a great, if unexpected, addition! Price wise this meal probably cost us £1.50 each in fresh ingredients. The nearest equivalent I can find is at Stop The World Cafe at Leigh-On-Sea in Essex - “The Belly Buster Breakfast” at £11.50. 


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