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Chicken Poppers recipe

Some folk like to go to McWimpy or Whopper King for their Chicken Poppers / Nuggets. We’d rather cook them at home and know what’s in them. Both Sue and I have done our time it those sorts of restaurants. But really it’s so easy and quick…..


Chicken Breast cut into 2Cm cubes
Soda Water
Self Raising Flour (Gluten free for us)
Garlic Salt
Ground Cloves
Ground Turmeric


(1) Mix the dry ingredients with enough Soda Water to make a stiff batter.
(2) In a bowl with a little extra Flour coat the Chicken so that the batter will stick better.
(3) Heat a fryer to 180c.
(4) Coat small batches of Chicken pieces and fry until golden brown. If you have a kitchen probe you are looking for 75c in the middle.
(5) Drain on kitchen paper before serving.

We served ours with hand cut chips and home made Coleslaw. A little fresh Parsley added a bit of colour.

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