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Yorkshire Salad

I’m not sure of the origins of Yorkshire Salad and I think it’s more of a South Yorkshire gig. But I've been aware of several version over the years.

When I ran The New Inn many moons ago we used to put nibbles out of Sunday mornings. The chaps would pile in and slam several pints while there long suffering wives cooked Sunday dinner. Again a South Yorkshire gig imported with the miners to the Selby area, I supsect. One Sunday one of our regulars asked if I could put together a Yorkshire Salad the following Sunday. So I did. Sliced white Onion, lumps of Cucumber and lots of Malt Vinegar. It went down really well but their favourite version had fresh mint in it. So Mint was adopted and the Yorkshire Salad took up a regular slot on the bar between the cubed Cheese and the Black Pudding.

Well this is the beginning of my take on it. Lacto-Fermented Yorkshire Salad – No Less!


2 White Onions, chopped
1 Cucumber, sliced and quartered
A handful of fresh Mint
4 heaped Table Spoons of Himalayan Salt
1 litre of water.


(1) Heat the water to dissolve the Salt and allow to cool to room temperature.
(2) Add all the ingredients to a clip top jar.
(3) Pour the brine in so that everything is covered.
(4) Seal the jar and allow to ferment. Fermentation will start in a couple of days.

Their is actually quite a good amount of natural sugars in the Onion, so after a month or so your will end up with quite a ‘Tangy’ acidity. Traditionally this was served as a side with the Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy as a first course on Sunday. But the ingredients and acidity will go really well as a side for a hot Curry dish. We’ll keep you posted…..

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