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Wood Ear Stir-Fry

We have a friend who is very much a coastal forager and is now exploring the delights of Fungus foraging. There are a few fungi which are edible and really don’t have any toxic look-alikes. Wood Ears (Auricularia auricula-Judae) are one of these and a great starters foraged fungus. We had a donation yesterday and cobbled this stir-fry together to go with our Giant Toad In The Hole.

A cautionary note:- Wood Ears have a nasty habit of spitting quite dramatically when fried. Stand back! They also act as a flavour sponge, which is cool!


Sliced Wood Ears
Cavolo Nero, de-stemmed and sliced
Minced Ginger
Minced Garlic
Chiili Flakes
A Squeeze of Lemon juice
Oil to fry


(1) Slice the Wood ears into strips.
(2) Add the Oil to a large frying pan or Wok.
(3) Fry and stir.

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