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Asparagus & Onion Bhaji

The foundation of last nights meal were some Chicken Thighs. We had some DIY Curry sauce in the freezer, some DIY Gluten free Naan bread and some discounted Asparagus which was starting to go a bit bendy.

Asparagus & Onion Bhaji? Well it might not be exactly traditional, do we look like we care?


Gram Flour
Hot ground Chilli
Ground Cloves
Garlic Salt
Baking Powder


(1) Chop your Onions and Asparagus roughly.
(2) Heat a fryer to 170c.
(3) Mix the dry ingredients with just enough water to make a stiff batter and allow to stand for 10 minutes.
(4) Mix the Asparagus & Onion into the batter and add a little extra Gram Flour if the mixture doesn’t seem to be firm enough.
(5) Spoon large two dollops into the hot Oil and shake to free from the basket.
(6) Fry until just browned in botches initially and drain on kitchen paper.
(7) Fly in batches until you’ve run out of mixture.
(8) Re-fry when you are ready to serve, until the Bhaji are crisp but not too browned.

We had a very small amount of Gram Flour left so instead of keeping it I made a sizeable batch. The leftovers are in the freezer for the next Curry night. No we didn’t eat them all in one sitting!


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