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All and Herbs, Spices, Rice Noodles etc. for a little less than £20 - This little lot will last us months....

We’re not adverse to popping into unpromising looking shops, in fact it’s a bit of a hobby when we get out! We’ve used this shop a couple of times when we’ve had hospital appointments as it’s a bit out of the way to pop in regularly. ‘Bigger isn’t always better’ isn’t appropriate here – If we’re going to use these pulses anyway why not get the 1Kg bags for the same price as the supermarket would charge for 200g? We also managed to get some Pappadoms to fry or microwave as required. When we do Chinese we often spend £1 for a pack of 10 and usually don’t manage to eat them all.

But the prize here is the Tamarind concentrate. (Not in the picture - sorry) We’re cobbling together a Pork loin recipe for tonight…...

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