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DIY Chicken Scotch Eggs recipe

If there really has to be a reason for making Scotch Eggs we’ll probably have to blame the Chicken Sausages we were given rather than them being composted. But really if we’re honest Sue made them because (A) It’s fun. (B) She can!


Eggs Boiled with their shells removed.
The meal from Chicken Sausages.
Mixed Herb
Garlic Salt
Onion Salt
1 Egg, beaten
Salt & Pepper
Gluten Free Bread crumbs


(1) While the Eggs cool strip the skins off the Sausages and season with a little Salt & Pepper.
(2) Add Garlic & Onion Salt and Turmeric the your Bread crumbs.
(3) Coat each Egg in a generous layer of season Sausage meat.
(4) Roll in the Egg wash and then in the Bread crumbs to coat.
(5) Place in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 30 minutes and turn after 15 minutes.

The Bread we used was yellow sticker Sour Dough at 25p a loaf. The Sausages were FOC and we’d made the Salad Cream a few nights earlier. So all we realistically paid full price for on the main plate was the Pea shoot salad, Cherry Tomatoes and a Spring Onion. Very tasty and remarkably filling for what looks like a light snack!

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