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Battered Velociraptor Drummer Roast Dinner

(No dinosaurs were harmed in the creation of this dish!)

I’d made a little bit too much batter for the Tokneneng we had in Saturday evening which was in the fridge. So a bit of freezer mining brought this Velociraptor Drummer to light which has probably been in there since the end of the Cretaceous Period - 75 to 71 Million years or so ago! OK for the realists among you, it’s actually about £1.50 worth of Turkey drummer…….

A lengthy recipe is probably pointless. But basically:-

(1) Roast the drummer with Mixed Herbs, Salt & Pepper and DIY Chilli Oil.
(2) Once cooked remove from the oven and allow to cool.
(3) Heat a fryer to 170c.
(4) Coat the drummer skin in Cornflour to allow the batter to stick.
(5) Dunk in batter and make sure as much of the surface is coated as possible.
(6) Lower into the Oil and turn regularly, allowing as much frying time as possible before the batter begins to brown.

We served ours with seasonal vegetables, a giant Yorkshire pudding and roast Potatoes. A perfectly traditional Sunday Roast I’m sure you will agree??????

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