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Brown Rice Noodles

We’re always on the lookout for something a bit different. On a ‘forage’ in a Continental Store we happened on these Brown Rice Noodles.

We though they would add a bit of colour to a sty fry. As neither of us had cooked them before we actually followed the cooking instructions of the packet - Quite unusual for us! It seems that the original Brown Rice has already been cooked and therefore according to the packet you simply pour boiling water over them and drain well. We can’t say we were convinced. Perhaps pouring two kettles of boiling water over and running a little Oil through to separate would have worked. We’ll work them out eventually - Not to be beaten by a pack of Noodles.

We stirred them through a King Prawn and Chorizo stir fry, which was really good. Shame about the rather odd Noodle texture. You can’t win them all!

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