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There is a reason behind this rather silly name. A while ago I found three tubs of Buffalo Mozzarella in the yellow sticker fridge for around 20p. Although they were just in date when I bought them the lonely remaining tub was somewhat suspect , date wise. But it was fine when we opened it.

There little point in a recipe here. But basically Sue hand pressed the burgers around a lump of Mozzarella, fried them gently and then finished them under a low heat in the grill. To add to the Pizza theme we had some discounted Chorizo slices. So layered up with Mexican Mayo & Garlic Mayo, mixed Salad leaves, Red Onion, sliced Tomato, sliced Gherkins, Burger dressed with Chorizo & melted Cheese - The Pizza Burger became a reality! The mixed Salad leaves were free (Thanks John) and effectively all we paid full price for was the minced Beef and Gluten free Bread Buns.

We served these beasties with hand cut chips and DIY Gluten free Onion Rings.

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