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Seasoned Fried Pork Steaks

Seasoned Fried Pork Steaks recipePork loin steaks are one of the cheapest cuts available at the moment. They can also be a bit dry so Sue effectively battered these which held the moisture in the meat and created a very tasty coating.
Pork loin steaks
Plain flour (Gluten free works fine)
Salt and Pepper
Chilli flakes
Onion Salt
Garlic Salt
2 Eggs beaten
Oil to fry
White Wine Vinegar
Flatten the Pork between cling film with a rolling pin (Good stress relief if you've had a bad day!).
Season the Flour with the other dry ingredients.
Dip in the beaten Egg then coat in the season flour mix. 
Fry for 3 minutes on each side.
Remove most of the oil and add a good glug of White Wine Vinegar.
Fry for a further minute on each side.
We served ours with hand cut clips, a fresh salad and Coleslaw.

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Char Sui Pork Taco Shells

We had enough Char Sui Pork left from the previous night to make another meal with. Often left-overs end up in tubs in the freezer. But the weather has been so hot that we just fancied something quick and easy. So we cobbled together this fusion gig….

No recipe required here. We just reheated the left over Stir Fry Char Sui Pork, added grated Cheese and a few sliced Spring Onions & Peppers. Served with a few hoe made dips, Corn on the Cob and chips, this did the job very nicely…..

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