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Herb and Chive Flower Pork Shoulder

We have open herb beds nearby provided by Edible York. This isn’t an exact recipe as such. But as there are plenty of herbs free which we would only have access to dried, we’ve been experimenting.


Pork Shoulder (Clearly!)
All sorts of herbs
Chive Flowers
Various vegetables

Ingredients for Chive Flower Pesto:-

A handful of Chive heads cut into quarters from the stem to the top
2 Tbsp Yellow Lentils simmered to soften.
1 clove of Garlic grated
Salt & Pepper
A Splash of distilled Vinegar

Seasoning & Roasting Method:-

(1) Rub the whole of the exterior of the joint with home made Garlic Butter (Margarine actually) and Salt & Pepper.
(2) Cover in the fridge overnight.
(3) Pre heat the oven to 160C
(4) Dress the top of the joint with fresh Fennel tops, Chive Flowers and sit it on a sprig of Rosemary.
(5) Cover tightly and roast for 2 hours or so.
(6) Leaving the oven on remove the Pork and cut the skin off. This can be crisped under the grill for crackling.
(7) Spread the Chive Pesto over the meat and place back in the oven uncovered for a further 20 minutes.

We served ours on Yorkshire puddings with lots of veg and gravy. We think the Pesto would probably work as well if not better used as a stuffing where the bone was. We’ll be trying that option next time. The combination of herbs added a very nice fresh flavour to the meat.


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