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Hazelnut Pesto

Hazelnut Pesto

It’s very early for Hazel Nuts this year. But what falls gets eaten here!


Hazel Nuts
Olive or Rice Husk Oil
Fresh Basil
White Wine Vinegar


(1) Put the nuts in the oven at 200C and roast for 10 minutes. This stops the Pesto going moldy.
(2) Allow to cool and then batter with a rolling pin the get the nuts out of the shells. Do not hit your thumb, it hurts!
(3) In a blender add all the ingredients and wuzz until it’s reasonably fine grained.

I like Pesto with a bit of bite so I didn’t wuzz it up as much as some folk might like.

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DIY Gluten free Pastry

Due to a health issue Sue has everything we cook is Gluten free. This is generally not a problem and we certainly don’t miss out. But there are some things which can be a bit challenging. Sue has perfected her Gluten free Yorkshire pudding batter and they are better than ordinary Flour based ones, in our opinion. But Gluten free pastry recipes can be a bit hit and miss to say the least. This version looks light and crispy without the pallid appearance of the shop bought pre-rolled versions.

We’ll let you know when we eat the pasties!

The filling was actually the remaining filling from the Zambian Polenta Pie


12oz Gluten free plain flour
3oz Lard
3oz Margarine
A punch of Salt
1 tsp Xanthan Gum
1 beaten Egg
80ml of cold Water


(1) Rub the Fats into the Flour with the Salt and Xanthan Gum with the tips of your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs.
(2) Add the beaten Egg and water and combine.
(3) The texture should be sticky but not wet.
(4) As you knead the dough add a little extra Flour if required and knead until you have a smooth texture.
(5) Wrap in film or foil and rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
(6) Roll out as required with plenty of Flour.


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