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Cauliflower & Chicken Soup

Cauliflower & Chicken Soup

Even if I wanted to I couldn't give a recipe for this! Well I'll have a go...


Cauliflower Cheese (Rescued from a box in the freezer)
Chicken and Mushroom Pie filling – possibly?! (Rescued from a box in the freezer)


(1) Defrost.
(2) Demolish in the blender.
(3) Heat in a pan.

Served with a bit of greenery from the balcony box this was actually a very hearty lunch. We may have to postpone our experimental cooking until later this evening!


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Garden Pond recipe

The tale behind this oddity is nearly a silly as the end result.......

I went on my morning forage to the discounts isle yesterday and spotted some interesting looking sausages. Your standard low cost sausages are off the menu for us as they use Wheat Flour as a packer. On Wednesday evening we’d made a tray bake and the ludicrous question appeared in my mind “What would you call a combination of a giant Yorkshire pudding Toad In The Hole and a Tray Bake?” I came up with Garden Pond! We had all sorts of bits and bobs of vegetables which really needed using up so after joking with Sue I quickly scuttled back to the Supermarket and bought said sausages.

We didn’t have a great deal on yesterday afternoon so a silly idea soon developed into a full scale project. I foraged a few extra fresh herbs to dress the dish and Garden Pond was born! The planting around the pond is Sage, a Ruby Chard flower and Rosemary. The water lillies are Tomatoes, Sage leaves and Chive flowers. In the middle of the pond you can just see Sue Carrot Coy Carp!

Clearly we don’t expect anybody else to try this at home. But if you can’t get the kids to eat their veg a slightly more sane version would make a great talking point and possible incentive…. Nothing was wasted and we finished it this evening.

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