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Trio of Sausage Passata Pasta

Trio of Sausage Passata Pasta

I’m pretty sure nobody actually need ingredients and a method for this. The details for Sue’s quite spectacular Passata sauce are here. But apart from that this was the quickest and easiest dish possible.

We had some Passata left over and in the fridge some thin Polish smoked Pork sausages, some Polish Garlic Ham sausage and some Pork Chipolatas. Chop them up, cooking them, heat the Passata, pour over some Rice noodles and melt a bit of grated Cheese over the top.

Hey Presto meal sorted and I didn’t use every pan we had or burn water (This time!)



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Italian Cottage Pie

OK we can’t afford an Italian Cottage. But we can afford to make good food for buxxer all…..

So think Cottage Pie crossed with Bolognaise sauce. We had a 500g pack of minced Beef a while ago and made far too much Pasta Bolognaise for the two (three including Tigger the Cat) to eat. So, as is the no waste gig here, it was boxed up and consigned to the freezer.

A bit of mashed spud, grated Cheese, some frozen peas and Cheesy Leeks. Sorted!

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