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Bean & Beef Burger

We generally just add Salt & Pepper to our Beef when we make a Monster Burger. But we’ve become fans of Rosecoco Beans recently and thought we’d have a play. Soaked, boiled and roasted they are very versatile. So….


100g Rosecoco beans, soaked in water over night
250g Minced Beef
Salad, Tomatoes, sliced Gherkins etc.
Gluten free DIY bun
DIY Thousand Island Dressing

Realistically the recipe is more about the Burger than the other fillings, add whatever you fancy.

Burger Method:-

(1) Boil your Rosecoco beans in salted water for 20 minutes and drain.
(2) Add to an oven traywith a little Oil and Salt and roast at 180c until they are crispy.
(3) Set aside to cool on kitchen paper.
(4) Blitz in a food processor to a reasonably fine consistency.
(5) Mix the Bean crumb with your mince by hand.
(6) Form into burgers to suit the shape of your bun.
(7) Grill your burgers and gently flip until cooked through.
(8) Assemble your Monster Burger.

The roasted Beans added a great Peanut taste to the burger and effectively doubled the volume. Because the Beans are high in protein they also work well as a binding agent.


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