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Chilli Pork Hock Casserole recipeA Pork Hock at £2 doesn't in it's own right either sound or look very appealing. But cooked low and slow in a casserole it was taste and very tender The vegetable in the casserole were just what we had in the fridge, any firm root vegetable will do at long as they won't turn to mush.
When I worked in the butchers many moons ago we bought Pork Hock in 20Kg boxes, bagged them and broiled them in their own juices over night in the Ham Boiler. They never lasted long in the hot counter..... Customers wandering round town with greasy chops and fingers!
1 Pork Hock
2 small Onions roughly sliced
2 Carrots cut into think batons
¼ of a Celeriac thickly sliced
1 stock cube
1 tin of Kidney Bean
Salt & Pepper
Chilli flake
Oil to rub
(1) Dissolve the stock cube in a pint of boiling water and add a little salt and pepper.
(2) Layer the vegetable and Kidney Beans in a casserole dish.
(3) Mix the Chilli Flakes and oil are rub over the skin.
(4) Lay the meat over the vegetables and beans and pour the stock around. Add a little move hot water if the vegetables aren't submerged.
(5) Place in the oven and cook uncovered at 160c for hours. Hours and hours. Do a couple of wash loads, paint the spare room, write a book. You know, hours and hours!
(6) Once in a while baste the meat with a little of the stock.
When the meat is falling off the bone you're good to serve. We had ours with Garlic New Potatoes and deep fried Savoy cabbage to add a little colour.

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