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Herb stuffed Pork Shoulder recipe – Tastes like Lamb!Lamb is expensive, we all know that. But Pork Shoulder is inexpensive and because it has been boned out you can remove the strings and there is a great place to add herbs. It's easy to roll the joint back up and roast. This was one of our experiments that really – really worked!
400g joint of Pork Shoulder (We paid £3.29 and have plenty for 2 meals for the three of us Including Buster the Dog!)
Rosemary chopped
Basil chopped
Garlic butter with Parsley
Oil, Salt & Pepper ( With the remaining herb mix to rub on the outside )
(1) Heat the oven to 220c.
(2) Take the strings off the meat and open out.
(3) Pack the inside with most of the ingredients above.
(4) Roll the joint up again and place on a roasting tray.
(5) Rub the remaining herb mix on the outside.
(6) Roast at 220c for 20 minutes.
(7) Reduce the heat to 160c and cook for a further hour, longer depending on the size of your joint.
We served ours with Yorkshire Puddings and vegetables, but that really is up to you!

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