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These offers are not avaiable all the time. But when they are Freezers are good!

Morroson's Foss Islands Way York :- As collected...

Clearly as we don't eat a vast amount of meat ( We can't really afford to )  This is going to be serveral days worth. Maybe a week?

So broken down and it is destined to the freezer. so it looked like this:-

5 meal portions for £2 each - I guess! Let's have a bit of fun. What have we done with this in the past?!

Well what could / can we do with it?

(1) Cassarole Beef joints for 2/3 (Just swap out the Turkey for your Beef Joint.)

(2) Pasta Bolognese is idea for the minced Beef.

(3)  Pasties are an option for the cubed Beef.

(4) Chinese Fried Crispy Pork? (Sounds good to me!) 

(5) Then go a bit odd with Pork & Chorizo stir fry with the other chops!

All the other ingredients are really very cheap. But if we can get 5 days out of a meat pack at £10 to feed us and Buster, you're not doomed!

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