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The Hugh Kelly

We have this friend you see…. He has this thing about posting picture of the most appalling food. If you see a Wetherspoons plate you know he’s gone executive. If he’s on holiday in Eastern Europe you can pretty much expect to see live toads and entrails on his plate……

So just for you Hugh:-

½ a Giant Yorkshire Pudding ( Seems reasonable so far )
Parsnip crisps ( Also reasonable )
Boiled Carrots ( Still sounds OK? )
Deep fryed Lecto-Fremented Garlic Mushroom in a Gram Flour batter with Chilli seeds  ( Getting a bit harsh now )
Pork Loin steak griddled with whole grain Mustard ( No bad but a bit dry and the griddle will need a proper clear! )
Onion Gravy
Fresh Parsley from the planter box outside the make it all ‘Pretty’

Addition extras for Hugh

(1) One shaved raw Pigs scrotum.
(2) Vanilla Ice cream.
(3) A live Toad.
(4) Sawdust from a large west facing Sycamore tree.

Actually without the “Hugh Additions” it was quite tasty!

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