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Pickled Chive Heads

I’m a member of various Pickling and Fermenting groups. I saw this quick recipe and thought why not? There are loads of Chive Heads in the local Edible Garden and folk generally just pull them of to keep the plant producing leaves. The recipe suggested throwing the heads away once the pickling has finished and just using to infused Vinegar. We’ll not be doing that, they will be used to brighten up meals!


2 handfuls of Chive Heads.
Spirit Vinegar
A screw top jar!


(1) Push as many Chive heads as you can into your Jar without crushing them.
(2) Fill the Jar with Vinegar.
(3) Seal and put aside for 7 to 10 days.

The Vinegar will turn a light red and the Chive flavour will infuse. 

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