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Dulse Aloo

OK - OK probably not in the slightest bit authentic, but do we care? No. This is a sort of Sag Aloo with the Spinach replaced by dried and rehydrated Dulse (Seaweed).

1 Small hot Chilli deseeded and cut into disks
4 New Potatoes, pealed and quartered
Dried Dulse, rehydrated in a little water
Smoked Paprika
Tomato Puree


(1) Boil the Potatoes for about 6 minutes until they are just starting to soften but not too soft.
(2) Drain and set aside.
(3) Add Oil to a pan and fry the Chillies for a few minutes over a moderate heat.
(4) Turn the heat down and add a little water to the pan.
(5) Add the Paprika and Tomato Puree and simmer for a couple of minutes so everything is mixed.
(6) Add the Potatoes and stir gently so they are coated in the Chilli Oil to colour them slightly.
(7) Add the drained Dulse and stir everything. The Dulse will absorb the remaining liquid.

We served this as a side with a Chicken Balti over Turmeric Rice.

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