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Crispy coated Liver & Heart recipe

Yes, yes I know it sounds dreadful! But actually this turned out to be a remarkably tasty and filling meal. Ideal Autumn fodder and as the Liver, Heart and Carrots came to 79p between them, we had plenty in the ‘Budget’ to play with and dress our dinner up a bit….


Beef Liver
Lamb Heart
Seasoned Gluten free Flour (Garlic salt, Onion Salt and Mixed Herbs, Salt & Pepper)


(1) Our Liver and Heart were already sliced. But if not slice them so that they are a reasonable size to fry.
(2) Soak the Liver and Heart in Milk for a couple of hours in the fridge.
(3) Mix your seasoned Flour. The seasoning is really up to you.
(4) Pre-heat a fryer to 180c.
(5) Drain the Milk and coat the meat in the seasoned Flour.
(6) Fry in small batches until golden brown and drain on kitchen paper.

We served ours on a bed of mashed Potatoes with Onion Gravy. Surrounded by battoned Carrots, Kale & Bacon, topped with crackling Kale with some crispy Seas weed as a side.

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