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Gleaned Potatoes

Gleaned Potatoes

These spud were apparently intended for Crisps but the order was cancelled and the farmer kindly allow a local group access to the field to gather what they could before they were ploughed back in.

There are all sorts of varieties of Potatoes and the ones used for Crisps are intentionally very low in natural sugars. It’s the sugars which make Potatoes brown when to roast or fry them. Brown Crisps might not have the same aesthetic appeal I guess. So we roasted some on Sunday are they worked really well. Yesterday was a simple cooking day for us with roast Chicken, Chip, Peas and Gravy. So how did they work as Chips? Exceptionally well is the answer! If you are in the York area and have received some of these spuds – Roast and Chips are the way forward folks. 

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The rollout of Universal Credit will be delayed until 2023 Not before time realistically. Let's not get into the Politics here. But at least they have had the decency to admit that Universal Credit simply isn't working.

" The rollout of Universal Credit will be delayed until 2023 after an open rebellion from Tory MPs amid warnings it would become a "poll tax" moment. The system, which merges six benefits into one payment, has been beset with problems amid warnings it will leave people facing hardship. Esther McVey, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said that the "migration" of claimants onto Universal Credit will not start until next Summer. " -

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