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Vegetarian & Gluten free Scotch Eggs

Vegetarian & Gluten free Scotch Eggs

It’s been a lovely warm day, too hot for a heavy meal and we’re still on Lock-Down – so we had time to play in the kitchen…..

Ingredients - For the middle!

1 soft boiled Egg per person

Ingredients - For the covering (Replaces the Sausage meat)

100g or so of dried Mung Beans
3 Mushrooms
Juice of a Lime
Dried Dill
Dried Basil
4 Birds Eye Chillies
Salt & Pepper

Ingredients – For the crispy coating

50g or so of dried Rosecoco Beans
Stale (Gluten free – in our case) Bread


(1) Soak both the Rosecoco & Mung Beans over night in salted water separately.
(2) Boil both lots of Beans in separate pans for 30 minutes, drain and set aside.
(3) In a little Oil roast the boiled Rosecoco Bean until the pop onen and set aside to cool.
(4) In a food processor wuzz at the covering ingredients with enough oil to make a think Pate and set aside.
(5) In the washed and dried food processor wuzz the crispy coating ingredients into a Bread crumb texture and set aside.
(6) Per heat the oven to 180c.
(7) Stick the covering around each Egg by hand so that you have about a centimetre casing.
(8) Roll each covered Egg in the crispy coating.
(9) Place on an oiled baking tray and roast for 30 minutes until the top of the coating is golden brown.

We served ours with a mixed home grown & foraged salad and Potato wedges. These might have been a bit of an experiment, but they were well worth it!

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