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Herb Braised Pork Loin recipe

When I worked at the butchers many moons ago Pork Loin was the most costly cut. So when the local supermarket have a whole loin at £219, well it would be rude not to really....
Complete Pork Loin
Garlic Butter ( Sue make her own Garlic Margarine with Parsley)
Fresh Rosemary ( It's seasonal and there a while hedge of it down the road)
Chilli flakes
Salt & Pepper
(1) Lay a good sized sheet of kitchen foil in a roasting try.
(2) Rub the outside of the loin with Garlic Butter, Rosemary, Chilli flakes and season with Salt & Pepper.
(3) Fold the foil over and seal the meat in a pouch.
(4) Roast at 160c for about 30 minutes until cooked. Don't over cook as the meat will dry out.
We served ours with seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding and lots of gravy.

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