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Monster Minted Lamb Burger recipe


We had the last of the leg of Lamb we butchered in the freezer. This was the Shank part of the leg which usually needs quite a bit of cooking to make it tender. We minced it for the burgers but pre-minced Lamb would work fine.

Ingredients for the burgers:-

Lamb mince – we had about 500g which made 4 decent burgers
A sprig of Fresh Mint
1 clove of Garlic minced
Salt and Pepper


(1) Mix all the ingredients well by hand.
(2) Form into burgers. We shaped ours into rough squares so they would fit into our square bun better.
(3) Gently fry on both sides until the meat is cooked through. Don’t over cook as you will dry the burger out.

If you are interested in our Gluten and Lactose free bun recipe it is here

It’s best to have all the other burger ingredients prepared in advance. But what you put in your version is entirely up to you.

Assembly of our version went like this:-

(1) Cut the bun in half horizontally and grill both cut sides.
(2) Cover the base with home made Marie Rose Sauce.
(3) Add a layer of Lettuce.
(4) Then a layer of Tomatoes and sliced Cucumber.
(5) On top of this add a layer of sliced Onions.
(6) Add your burgers.
(7) Add a layer of Grilled Bacon.
(8) Add sliced Cheese above the Bacon and place under the grill to melt the Cheese.
(9) place the bun top over the melted Cheese.

We have Scallop chips, home made Onion rings and a dressed salad with ours. This monster burger fed three of us with a quarter still sat in the fridge for quite a bit less than £4. It might be a treat for the kids, but how much food would you get in comparison if you went to “Mc Burger Queen”? Get the little folk to join in the preparation, it’s all part of the fun…..


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